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NLP on demand. NLP at scale. NLP on a budget. You don't have to pick two. Recognant.

Easy To Integrate API

The Recognant API can scale with your needs. Pricing tiers to fit any project and with massive scale Recognant can grow with you, no matter how successful you become.


Providing more than 20 signals for each word in each document, Recognant provides insights in to your unstructured data, and metadata for machine learning, and AI systems to make insights from.

Blazing Fast

Several orders of magnitude faster than any other NLP Engine, Recognant won't break your budget or delay your analytics. Real-time just got real for mining text assets.

Big Data

The best data is often trapped in text. Unstructured doesn't have to mean unavailable. Recognant unlocks information from text, documents, Internet, news, and email.

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Psychographics Analysis

Posted By Recognant

Psychographics are the new demographics. Where we used to view everyone who was a certain age in a certain region as a marketing group, we now see targets as "people who like extreme sports,” or “people who are crafters." We see this with customized ad placements per sho

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April 6, 2018 No Comments

Challenges to Big Data

Posted By Recognant

Big Data adoption has been slow. There are a number of reasons ranging from the fact that analysis of the data can be difficult, to just getting all of the data normalized can be hard. GE did a study of the top challenges facing the implementation of Big Data and the bel

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January 31, 2015 No Comments

Insights you can see. Actions you can take.

Posted By Recognant

Correlation and causation can be hard to determine, but the ability to visualize data extracted from text can drastically improve the likelihood that the insights you draw from data are actual trends, not just the result of coincidence. Knowing where your users are is

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January 31, 2015 No Comments

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