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Speaking the Same Language

Recognant is a solution for converting English in to intents and metrics for consumption by data processing, action systems, and query systems.

If you have someone who doesn’t speak the same language as you ask you a question, it doesn’t matter how smart you are you can’t help them. This is the problem facing everyone working on AI, Data Mining, Search, and Voice Interfaces. The computer can’t understand what you are asking, all the data on the web, or even a simple command, because it doesn’t “speak” English.

You can’t have cognitive computing without Natural Language Processing and Understanding. For a computer to give a cognitive response it needs to be able to parse the language. Every single one of our competitors is using a language engine that is more than 30 years old and has “topped out” on how far it can go, and is lacking. Our engine is just getting started and surpasses the old engines in many ways already. Our NLP is based on Cognitive Theories and this makes us uniquely positioned to have a huge impact on the field.

One of our favorite stories about why Recognant exists is told by our CTO:

AI and Deep Learning can’t happen without NLP/NLU. IBM’s Watson, Microsoft’s Cortana Predictions, use a small amount of NLP, but for the most part they work like Google and just look at key phrases, and do N-Gram Analysis.

Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica

Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica

I have a copy of Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica by Sir Isaac Newton on my night stand. It is in Latin.

About once a month someone picks it up and says “What’s that?”

And I resist the urge to say “As the most famous work in the history of the physical sciences there is little need to summarize the contents.” (J. Norman, 2006)

And instead I say “That is the book that every mathematician and scientist who has ever done something great in the past 200 years read.”

Then they say “It’s not in English.”

And I say “Nope.”

And then I say, “That’s a reminder of why I don’t have to fear computers for a while. I am seemingly the only person working to teach computers enough English that they can learn from the most important books in the history of mankind.”

And then they say, “But this is in Latin.”

And I say, “There is a good translation of almost everything worth reading in to English.”

And they say “Oh, I don’t get it”

Most people don’t get it. It seems obvious once you really point it out, but language is so fundamental to everything we do, and the fact that computers are constantly displaying things we can read, and Siri talks to us, that people don’t really think about how all that unstructured data in the world is completely inaccessible to computers.

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