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How It Works

Boil things down to their fundamental truths and reason up from there

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chemistry-161575_640The core of the system is a concept and heuristics engine. Quite simply it is a system that can convert words into core concepts, intents, and emotional indicators to determine what is being talked about, the opinion of the subject, and the goal of the text. Think of this first and foremost as a “gut check” or “smell test” tool. Humans rarely “know” the right answer to a question we are researching, we simply find answers that we trust. Some of that trust is in how the answer is written, how often others repeat that same answer, and the source of the answer. A researcher doesn’t have first hand knowledge of the right answer, just a strong belief in the credibility of the answer they give.

Our system applies that simple core truth to determining answers. With all of the Internet to search from the complexity of questions the system can find an answer to should be limitless, but at the moment, it handles only what can be stated simply. “Why don’t I fly off into outer space” can be answered with one word “Gravity” but humanity as a whole can’t really explain how gravity works. The answers that are given by the system are not “intelligence” they are filtered recall. If the popular theory was that the Earth was flat, the system would present that as the answer. It would only have sources, trust, and phrasing to go on. The system doesn’t understand the question, it just returns the most probable, most trustworthy answer it can find.

When all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail, but when you need to break things down and then reassemble them, really all you need is a hammer and some glue. That really is the core of what we are doing in all the potential applications we are looking at for the technology.


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