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Psychographics Analysis

Psychographics are the new demographics. Where we used to view everyone who was a certain age in a certain region as a marketing group, we now see targets as “people who like extreme sports,” or “people who are crafters.” We see this with customized ad placements per show or channel on TV, but automating placement was never possible until now.

Recognant leverages the thousands of micro-decisions a person makes when choosing their words to determine their personality profile. Our personality insights allow you integrate these personality profiles into your business applications to facilitate a better understanding people in a variety of applications.

For example, combining personality insights with your existing CRM data will help you better understand your customers. Combining personality insight reporting with your HR data allows you to easily create personality profiles for your employees and job candidates to better understand your resource pool. If you make financial risk assessments, personality profiles provide another important data point.

Unlike “Big 5” or “Neo-Jungian” or “MBTI” we use more than 500 personality insights which can then be mapped to these more common psyche models. Because of the depth of the insights we can offer a better “people like X” model, and make determinations with greater accuracy.

Our insights can match people to careers, or predict which fields they work in. They can be used to predict how messaging will resonate with a group, or predict which product they will choose.

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