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Automated Summarization

The rise of mobile devices presents an obstacle for users and publishers attempting to deliver long-form content. Recognant creates a summarization framework for both users and publishers to demonstrate its capabilities.

Content summarization and reduction requires the ability to extract the important elements of a document. Recognant NLP applies language indicators about cause, conclusion, relevance, and emotion, to apply accurate decisions about importance when reducing content length. This approach also enables topic-focused reductions based on the subject matter keywords provided by a user. Recognant’s TLDR technology delivers on this and is the most widely-adopted automated summarization tool for consumers on the planet.

Recognant NLP for browsers
The TLDR Plugin summarizes articles online, enabling users to get the essential information from long-form content. As an extension for most modern browsers, the TLDR Plugin display summaries as an on-page overlay optimized for the reading experience. Users can browse to any web page and click on the “TLDR” button found at the top right corner of the browser. The reduced text appears, offering four versions of the content: short, medium, long, and original. The TLDR Plugin shortens e-mails, news articles, blog posts, documents behind a paywall or on a corporate intranet. It supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish, German, and French.

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