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TransparentML / Find a Formula

Transparent ML / Find a Formula

Typically Machine Learning and Neural Networks can find patterns, but can’t tell you “why” they have given the answer they have, or even what factors were most important in their results.

TransparentML from Recognant solves this with output that clearly shows the formula used for a given result set. This also allows for “asymmetric” systems where the learning is “slow,” but predictions for the future are very fast. 

Visit Find a Formula for demo of TransparentML 

TransparentML can be used for predictive analytics, physics modeling, even image recognition.

The website has demos of use cases for predicting Violent Crime based on a number of factors, and predicting who the Bachelorrette was going to pick each week. (which accurately predicted the out come with only one exception when the producers forced an early decision, and some weeks multiple bachelors went home at the same time, but order was accurate)


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