Recognant allows you to analyze over 50 facets of language. Some the applications are obvious, others are a bit more nuanced. This demo allows you to select a URL and analyze it for a few of the writing style factors we think are applicable for authors.

*this demo runs an on older version and may take 30 seconds for the server to wake up.

Subject Matter Variance is a measure of how spread out the important points are in a piece. Traditional journalists will put all of the important stuff at the top of the piece, and close with a strong point. This is called “Top Down Writing.” Bloggers often write “Context Pieces” which are heavy in the middle.  Sermons and persuasive pieces are often “Build Up” pieces and rely on preparing the audience for the conclusion. Fiction is often written with an ebb and flow bouncing back and forth between the main topics.

Emotion Level is not a positive or negative, it is more about how much emotion is being brought in to the piece at various points. Happy or sad doesn’t matter in this metric, just that an emotion was expressed, or that the author is trying to evoke an emotion from the reader.

Word Prominence is how common the words in a sentence are. It is an average for the entire sentence, but generally the higher the prominence the easier a piece is to read, and the lower the prominence the harder, and often more niche a piece of content is.


Syllable count is a method for determining the difficulty of reading a sentence out loud. It is also a better measure of sentence length than word count or letter count as the speed people speak is based on syllables per second not words per second.

As the syllable count gets shorter the pace of the words gets faster. Sometimes this is because there is more action happening, sometimes it is because the author is trying to convey things more simply. 


Technicality is how technical a piece is. While sometimes there are “false hits” for things that aren’t used in a technical way, generally the higher the average, the more technical the document, and the higher the peaks the fewer people in that niche who will understand the more technical points.


Directive and Introspective are very similar as they are about who the author is speaking about. Directive speech is commands, or speech directed at the audience. Introspective is speech that is about the author. 

Instructions are very heavy on directive sentences.
Opinion pieces are very heavy on introspective sentences.


Recognant’s Advantage

Recognant is faster than CoreNLP, Natural Language Tool Kit, or any of the other NLP Engines out there. 

Whether you are building a search engine, a voice activated personal assistant, or a stock and investment automated trading bot, speed matters.