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The Recognant Technology

Complete Solutions and Foundational Technologies for Cognitive Computing: Recognant has the only Natural Language Processing Engine built to handle webscale, realtime, and dataset on demand processing. With industry leading sentiment analysis, and text signals found in no other products, Recognant is the only NLP solution you will ever need.

Conversational UI:
From ChatBots to Voice Interfaces, users expect to be able to talk to their software the way they do their friends. Recognant offers AI with a high EQ.

Data Extraction from Text:
Knol Extraction is the extraction of structured data and knowledge from text. Text is where most companies’ best information lives.

Optimized Messaging:
How you talk to your customers matters. Recognant offers solutions for optimizing not just what you say, but how you say it. Connect with users on their phone with a different message than those on a tablet, or desktop. Device, demographic, and psychographic information can all be used to customize messaging.

The Recognant Expertise

Big data is big. If you need help we happen to be really good at using our software. We can provide insights as a service. Doing analysis on your data, and combining it with public data sources, or proprietary data sources which we have gathered.



Stealth Mode Startup

These guys don’t want us talking about what they are doing, but it is cool. and very Ninja.



We can help you integrate Recognant in to your products or services. Our expertise in NLP and your subject matter expertise for your business or niche… Together we can do amazing things.


Deep Listening and Broad Listening Automation

When you need to know what your staff, clients, competitors, or just the world is talking about we can help. Ten Thousand page technical manuals, or Ten Million Tweets, it doesn’t matter. Recognant offers Infinite-scale on demand, and processes any amount of content at the speed you can send it. Data Mining, fact extraction, competitive analysis, business intelligence, and social monitoring are just the start. We run on the same servers as Google hardware. If you wanted to process all of the Internet in a day, we’d be right there with you. Big Data doesn’t scare us.


Recognant separates content from the HTML markup around it, breaks text in to sentences, phrases in to concepts, and facts, quotes, and actionable statements in to knols.

Forums, reviews, blogs, and news are suddenly all viable data sources for your research and analysis.


Good choices make or save you money. Data Driven Decision Making is only possible when the data is simple, straight-forward, and trust-worthy. Recognant produces data with the highest accuracy of any NLP product available, and at greater detail than available in any competing product. 

Get the API

Our API is self service and easy to get started with. Natural Language Processing on demand, at scale, and under budget.