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Unpartial: AI for Fake News Detection

Press Release:

SAN JOSE, Jan. 3, 2018 — Recognant, maker of advanced AI products, today released Unpartial, an extension for Google [NYSE::GOOG] Chrome that detects fake news. Unpartial uses Recognant’s AI to evaluate the trustworthiness of online articles.

Users of Google Chrome can add the extension via the Google Chrome Webstore.  Once added a simple click on the Unpartial button reveals the trustworthiness of the article currently being read in the browser, as well as what indicators lead to that score, and a summary of the article.

Fake news has been widely credited for the election of President Trump. Fake news has been responsible for numerous stock moves. Fake news is such a problem that the UK is threatening Twitter [NYSE::TWTR] and Facebook [NYSE::FB] with sanctions for their part in spreading fake news. Unpartial is the first tool that fights fake news using AI rather than crowdsourcing, or blacklists. And unlike Facebook’s failed fake news solution that relied on publishers and authors tagging their posts, our system is completely automated.

Unpartial evaluates articles in much the same way a human would, but without the confirmation bias that a human often has. Articles that are one sided, or written such that they make unsubstantiated claims, are flagged by our AI as suspect. Errors in grammar, and other indicators that the article is not well edited are also scored accordingly.

Unpartial was first launched as a website ahead of the 2012 election. Since then, the accuracy and the range of subjects it is capable of evaluating have been improved. While Unpartial works well for humans, the original use case was so that the Recognant AI could determine if information was trustworthy as it learned about the world. The internet is a great resource for information, but it is also a source of a great many misconceptions and false data. For an AI to leverage the strengths of the internet it also needs the ability to avoid its weaknesses. Unpartial wraps this capability designed for the AI in a format accessible to humans.

Recognant is an AI and Natural Language Processing company. Unpartial is one of the consumer facing products powered by Recognant technologies. Recognant is privately held and primarily self-financed, having taken no institutional capital. The Recognant software stack has been in development for more than 15 years, and is believed to be the only AI which authors its own code, and expands its own epistemology.

The Recognant AI is unique in that it is based on Mind Simulation technology rather than Neural Networks. This combined with its heuristics and epistemology make it much faster and more efficient than any competing technologies, as well as giving it the ability to handle tasks Neural Networks aren’t suited for. Unpartial is just one application of the technology which has contributed to cancer research, fighting human trafficking, and validating climate change data.

The Unpartial extension is available at https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/unpartial-truthiness-anal/jpdpghhjplgahhihongcbbmnnfolclld?hl=en-US&authuser=2 as the Unpartial Truthiness Analyzer.

Unpartial is launching in Beta. While the system is believed to be highly accurate we are still experimenting with how to present information to users, and making optimization to support more websites. (HTML of some websites is poorly constructed and not compatible with Unpartial)

For additional details contact press@recognant.com.

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