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Blazing Fast Because It Works Like A Human Brain


3000x faster than the leading competitor means this is Natural Language Processing that is truly Webscale. Recognant handles documents as long as “War and Peace” and as many documents per minute as you can throw at it. (We are on the same servers as Google)


Based on how humans think, Recognant gives more natural results, but with more consistency than would result from using multiple people. This means you can trust the results from Recognant, and you don’t have to have a human read your sensitive or confidential content.



A monster vocabulary of over 2.5 Million words. The dictionary people will tell you there are only 200,000 words in the English language. They will also tell you Xerox isn’t a verb, nor is Facebook. Modern English is a Monster.


Blazing Fast Because It Works Like A Human Brain


Recognant works primarily on heuristics. This is actually how a human brain works. Humans make a series of “could it be this or could it be that” type decisions for everything we do. Recognant use a codified version of this process for its decision making process.

Essentially there is a giant sieve of if/then items that determine what the potential possibilities are, and then based on those which parts of speech are most likely.

Heuristics are blazing fast, so much so that Recognant is about 3000 times faster than the leading competitor. Using a sieve, rather than looking at the words individually, Recognant uses a technique borrowed from video compression of using blocks. Looking at macro sets of words rather than individual words allows for greater accuracy, and faster processing. This exponentially reduces the amount of calculations needed.

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