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Built Small to Go Everywhere

Built Small To Go Everywhere


Code Portability

Recognant is the most portable solution on the market. For customers looking to integrate Recognant in to a phone or embedded device Data Table Logic means a small foot print and a choice of languages. From Objective C to Java to Python to C#, Recognant is portable.

Recognant also offers solutions as an API, and on premise connected device. Where ever you need Natural Language Processing we’ll be there. Our bags are packed and our code is clean. 



binary tree

Binary Tree Logic

Recognant takes a very unique approach to part of speech tagging and intent detection. To make the code as universal as possible and as fast as possible much of the work is actually done in hash tables, binary trees, and dictionaries. The result is that the “code” is universal and can be adapted for almost any programming language quickly, it also means that code is blazing fast and uses very little resources.

Recognant also processes content about 8500 times faster than OpenSource NLP solutions, which can be substantial when processing large volumes of information, or when the speed of the response is critical.




Competitor’s products based on CoreNLP, and Natural Language Tool Kit won’t work in most consumer electronics because they require more than 4 GB of RAM. Recognant can be configured to run in as little as 64 MB, though it is happiest with 480 MB. This is one tenth to one sixty-fourth of the resources and that means huge savings whether you are running at webscale or trying to pack a lot of features in to an affordable device, or a really expensive device that just happens to be small.

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