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Writing Style

Recognant offers all language analytics features through its API. It has the ability to summarize content to any length and at any level of detail. Extracting sentiment, bias, reading level, technical level, formality, urgency, and whether or not content is editorial in nature, are just a few examples of the language scores returned. Plexi NLP can also detect action items in the text. For example, if the author was looking for a follow up, the people mentioned, the time, the phone numbers, and the places.

Recognant NLP contains rules that range in the millions. Rules to determine if the writing style is formal or casual. Rules to determine if the author is for or against the subject matter. Rules to determine if the author is making an argument and if points made support the argument. It can even make inferences about the credibility of those points. This is possible through the vast amounts of data poured into its database about how words can typically be used and what they mean.

Language is deeply complex. As a result, so are the scores Recognant NLP returns. Some of these scores are very straightforward, such as the “sentence importance.” Others, like “implied formality” is harder to use directly. Recognant NLP returns scores for how much emotion is expressed, if the author makes conclusions or absolutisms, the technical level of the content, the subjectivity, the amount of description used, and much more.

To see a demo of the analysis done on text, check out www.unpartial.com , select a webpage to analyze, and then check out the analysis in the charts section, and the writing style edit suggestions towards the bottom of the page.

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